2017 is here!

We finally got around to getting everything set up to take a family photo but our crazy pre-toddler Noah had something else in mind and wouldn't sit still; so we spent the entire time trying to keep him from  plummeting off the bed instead.  I'm still happy we have these though because they capture some that boundless energy he has.  He has a sense of humor like his dad and his laughter is so genuine and full hearted and totally contagious.  Though I feel like he is all boy right now and constantly trying to climb something or destroy something - he also has a sweetness to his intensity and is constantly running up to us for bear hugs and kisses.

My resolutions this year are to be mentally present and enjoy this sweet and fleeting season of life.  For me it's not so much about having to unplug the phone or TV, but letting go of anxiety and negative thoughts that act as a continual distraction from the amazing things I already have right in front of me.   I also feel like I say this every year and never manage to do it-  but I am realizing how much happier I am when I make time to do creative projects and want to prioritize it more this year.

However, the biggest thing by far that we have to look forward to this year is that we are expecting a baby girl on  June 9!  My heart still skips a beat every time I think about it.  Feeling anxious about doing the whole giving birth and newborn thing again but also having a toddler to take care of.  However overwhelmingly - I am just so excited, thankful and can't believe how lucky we are to get to do this again!

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Finally getting around to posting photos from a trip we took in October to Vancouver. Noah already looks so much younger looking back on these photos!

It rained the majority of the time we were there so we didn't get to explore as much of the things we planned on seeing. However when the rain let up for an hour or two we were lucky enough to visit Stanley Park, walk around downtown and see the Suspension bridge at Lynn Canyon. Canada is beautiful and people are so friendly. Ever since our trip to Montreal and Quebec City a few years ago, I've fallen in love and definitely hope to go again soon.


End of Summer Weekends

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Last weekend we made another trip up  Skyline Blvd  to soak in the last couple warm weekends of the year.  Noah was beside himself with being able to walk around unrestricted. He just kept toddling forward like a penguin babbling to himself non stop.

Taylor and I also played hooky from work and celebrated our 5 year anniversary with a beyond delicious lunch at Nick's Next Door and even squeezed in a  big fat 2 hour nap after.  Was basically everything this exhausted momma could have dreamed of and more, lol.

Hard to believe that last year around this time Noah was 1 month old and we were still in that newborn haze.  How far we've come since then!  Can't imagine life without this little guy.