AMBER AND JOSH // Fremont Engagement

amber and josh_fremont engagement_1A
amber and josh_fremont engagement_1B
amber and josh_fremont engagement_1C
amber and josh_fremont engagement_1D
amber and josh_fremont engagement_1E
amber and josh_fremont engagement_2A
amber and josh_fremont engagement_2B
amber and josh_fremont engagement_2C
amber and josh_fremont engagement_2D
amber and josh_fremont engagement_2EB
amber and josh_fremont engagement_2F
amber and josh_fremont engagement_2J
amber and josh_fremont engagement_2K

I had such an amazing time spending the afternoon with Josh and Amber at Vallejo Historical Park last Sunday.   I met these two through my friend Amanda , they are both super fun and photogenic, I seriously can't wait for the wedding!  We also shot some family photos later when their son Chace joined us later in the evening.  How cute is he in that photo sniffing Amber's boots!?

amber and josh_fremont engagement_3
amber and josh_fremont engagement_3B
amber and josh_fremont engagement_3C
amber and josh_fremont engagement_3D
amber and josh_fremont engagement_3E




I am so happy it's finally Friday! Been looking forward to it because we had another heat wave these past several days and my weather app was promising me all week that it was going to start to cooling down today. Just stepped outside to get some lunch and it was indeed some pretty awesome weather- can't wait for the weekend to start!


ON MY BOOKSHELF // Cookbooks


on my bookshelf_title

bouchon bakery

on my bookshelf_It's All Good

on my bookshelf_In Season

A few weekends ago, Taylor and I had a garage sale with our friends Chris and Julie, and one of the areas in our apartment that needed major purging was our bookshelves.  However, as I started going through the shelves, I couldn't help but reminisce over some of my favorite books, the stories they told, or the things they taught me... it's impossible not to pick up a book and be changed by it in some way.

So, that gave me the idea to start a new series called "On My Bookshelf" to share a few books that I've really enjoyed over the years. For the first batch I thought I'd round up a few of my favorite cookbooks.

Click through if you'd like to read more information on these books!


CANADA Part 4 // Modern Art in Downtown and Mosaicultures Internationales

canada 3
downtown 2
canada 4

Here's the last batch of our Montreal photos!
Montreal's Downtown is the most delightful mix of old world and modern, and public art. Some of the highlights were the Musee des Beaux-Arts Montreal and the Palais des congrès de Montréal.
Click Below to see some photos from most the Mosaicultures Internationales exhibit showing at the Jardin botanique de Montréal