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Maui Travel Diary 3b

Thought I'd start posting some photos from a trip Taylor and I took to Maui last October to celebrate our third anniversary.  It was seriously an amazing trip.  I still miss the ocean, the lush landscape, the wildlife, the shave ice, the spectacular sunsets that happened every night.  It was a total paradise and I was tempted the whole time to never come back!



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Photos from trip to Valley of Fire State Park in Overton, Nevada

2015, here we go! The last full year of my twenties.

At start of 2014, I wrote that I wanted to take more risks, make time for art, be more vulnerable and face the discomfort of my fears. Reflecting back on the events of year - I think learning to step outside my comfort zone helped me realize that though there were still failures along the way, there were also small moments of triumph and self-discovery. Every now and then, I'd surprise myself and uncover something inside me that I never knew I had. What a freeing insight to receive at a time in my life when I thought I had already reached the limits of who I was and who I couldn't be.

In 2015, I want to continue to build off that and focus this year on letting go of emotional baggage and search instead for more meaning. I want to dream bigger, and live with greater purpose. Part of me knows this will involve letting go of my ideas of what it means to be successful. Maybe a year from now I’ll be making less money, or maybe I will have finally moved to a city I love, or maybe it will look exactly the same . But regardless of what it looks like on the outside, I hope I'm happier and lighter; excited to wake up every day and able to love others fully, both with my heart and talents.

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Melody Mak - Illustrated Recipe Cards-7133
Melody Mak - Illustrated Recipe Cards--4
Melody Mak - Illustrated Recipe Cards--8
Melody Mak - Illustrated Recipe Cards--7
Melody Mak - Illustrated Recipe Cards--6
Melody Mak - Illustrated Recipe Cards--5

Earlier this summer, I got to work on this super fun project with my friend Kathy.   Kathy's husband, Jeremiah is the co-owner and lead chef at Contra so she came up with the idea of making illustrated cards of some of his recipes for their wedding favors.

What surprised me about the recipes was that a lot of the ingredients were things that I'd normally buy at the market or already have in the pantry, but were prepared in a way that I hadn't been exposed to before. This was also the first time I printed any of my drawings, so that was pretty cool too. Best of all, they were kind enough to send us a gift card to Contra, so I can't wait to eat there and finally make another long overdue trip to New York!

Melody Mak - Illustrated Recipe Cards-
Melody Mak - Illustrated Recipe Cards-7124


TAMMIE & NATE // Skyline Blvd. After Wedding Shoot

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Tammie and I have known each other since we were babies, so it was a really special experience to be shooting her and Nate's wedding portraits! Growing up, Tammie and our friend Joanna were like the sisters I never had.  She was often the ring leader, and someone we always looked up to, I always knew the guy she'd end up marrying would have to be pretty special and couldn't be happier for these two!