TAMMIE & NATE // Skyline Blvd. After Wedding Shoot

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Tammie and I have known each other since we were babies, so it was a really special experience to be shooting her and Nate's wedding portraits! Growing up, Tammie and our friend Joanna were like the sisters I never had.  She was often the ring leader, and someone we always looked up to, I always knew the guy she'd end up marrying would have to be pretty special and couldn't be happier for these two!



Salmon Potato Pocket_1
Salmon Potato Pocket_2
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Salmon Potato Pocket_4
salmon pocket ingredients
salmon pocket directions _

Recipe adapted from Julia and Jacques Cooking at Home

In terms of presentation, I didn't execute this recipe very well- it's supposed to look more like this. But conceptually, it was still a tender piece of salmon cooked between two layers of crispy potatoes, and it was delicious!   I don't really like fish (unless it's sushi), but I try to work it into our dinners every now so that we're not eating red meat all the time. This recipe is definitely a nice twist on pan fried salmon and can be made with things that are usually lying around the kitchen.



light filled evenings 3a
light filled evenings 2a

It's starting to finally feel like autumn and I am LOVING it! The temperatures are starting to fall, the days are getting shorter, and we're finally starting to get a little bit of rain here and there- much needed in California!


BIRTHDAY TRIP Part 2 // Biking the Golden Gate Bridge

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golden gate bridge
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bike golden gate bridge

Biking across the Golden Gate bridge has been on my bucket list since college, and Taylor helped make it happen by planning a surprise trip for me!

The hardest part is actually getting to the bridge- there's a tall hill you have to go up before getting to the entrance.  However, once you get on the bridge, it's a totally freeing experience with the cool, crisp breeze blowing and the Pacific Ocean on either side of you.  After admiring the view of San Francisco from the other side of the bridge, it was a downhill bike ride into Sausalito where we stopped by for lunch at Fish.  By then, my legs felt like they were filled with lead and were going to snap off if I had to bike any longer, so I was able to convince/beg Taylor to let us cheat a little, and ride the ferry back to the city!