Month 6


These days Noah is an explosion of energy now that he's rolling and scooting around and grabbing everything in sight. Sometimes it can be a challenge keeping up with him in our very not baby proofed apartment, but I love his endless curiosity and how shooting him a smile or dangling a toy in front of his eyes can give him so much joy.


Month 5


Growing up too fast.


Kenny and Becky // San Francisco

Kenny adn Becky 1
Kenny adn Becky 3
Kenny adn Becky 5
Kenny adn Becky 6
Kenny adn Becky 7
Kenny adn Becky 8
Kenny adn Becky 9
Kenny adn Becky 10
Kenny adn Becky 11
Kenny adn Becky 12
Kenny adn Becky 13
Kenny adn Becky 14
Kenny adn Becky 15
Kenny and Becky--5
Kenny adn Becky 17
Kenny adn Becky 18

It's been a while since we've done an engagement shoot, but we had a blast hanging out with Kenny and Becky while running around San Francisco taking photographs. Noah even joined us in the baby carrier and added to the overall cuteness overload. Anyway so happy for these two - can't wait to see them tie the knot!


Month 4


Can't believe we just finished up month 4 with our little human Noah.

A lot happened this past month. We tried sleep training for 5 minutes and then gave up.  Noah's future wife Emilia Kwong was born!!  We recently started solids, though so far Noah has been more interested in eating the spoon than the actual food. And Noah also started rolling over in both directions - whenever he's sick of tummy time he just rolls over now which has been pretty hilarious to me (though it's crazy to get glimpses of a no longer stationary baby)  Feeling really blessed to have him in our lives, a year ago from today, I was in the thick of morning sickness and my What to Expect When You're Expecting app was telling me Noah was the size of a grape!