SAIL BOATS//an outing with the parents

This past Thursday, my parents took my brother Josh (Geoff romping around Europe at the moment) and I on a dinner cruise in Long Beach. As my brothers and I got older, we started to develop our own interests and eccentricities (a nicer way of saying that we've just gotten pickier with where we want to go); but whenever some sort of buffet is involved, my parents always know the three of us will be down to go. In the middle of the cruise, all these sailboats started to appear, and it was one of the prettiest things i've seen. I think they were preparing for some sort of race the next day. It was pretty cool to see, the sails were just shooting out and floating where the wind took them, big ones and small ones swaying together as if they were part of one big symphony.... it was one of those things that you really had to experience in person to feel it- these pictures definitely don't do them justice!

sailboats 2
sailboats 4
sailboats 5
sailboats 7
sailboats 8
sailboats 3

by the end of the night, most of the boats headed home except for this one long boat floating out to shore.
sailboats 1
Thanks so much again to my parents for a beautiful trip and a wonderful dinner! :)

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