WE ARE SO CHINESE// I hope you like the color red

My parents decided to host a Chinese banquet the next day for their friends. I was totally exhausted by this point (when I went to get my make up done, I literally fell asleep repeatedly in my chair), but some of my favorite memories of our wedding weekend were at that banquet. Any time my entire family is together is a good time.

First the night started off with some impromtu speeches.
I think this is is probably of of my most favorite pictures of my parents. It was really nice to see them in their element, even if they were speaking in Chinese and I couldn't understand anything, except for the English word "Tay-lah" interjected in their speeches here and there. Turns out my dad and Taylor use the same speaking pose. Already like father like son in law.
we are so chinese 4
we are so chinese 6
we are so chinese 2
we are so chinese 3
we are so chinese

**Images from my parents' friends and personal pictures

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melody, you look gorgeous and I love your navy blue gown.

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