IT'S RAINING IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA// Staying in for dinner tonight!

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rainy day soup

So, it goes without saying that I don't like rain.  As soon as I hear that rain is going to be in our forecast, all I can think of it soggy socks and car seats, my hair going flat, and getting soaked outside even if I have an umbrella because the rain is not only falling down, but blowing horizontally too.

That being said, I do appreciate the rain.  Taylor used to work at the water district and is constantly reminding me that southern California is in a drought. And, after taking my LEED exam, I will pretty much forever live with a guilty conscience hanging over my head every time I flush the toilet or wash the dishes knowing that I am letting gallons of drinking water literally go down the drain.

So having come to terms with the fact that rain is a necessary part of life, one thing I do love about rainy days, is how much it makes you appreciate the simple things.  Somehow soup just seems to taste when you're inside and listening to the rain fall down outside, and the simple fact that you are dry is all of sudden just the greatest thing ever. A few days ago, I asked Taylor to pick up some squash from the market for me, thinking he was going to bring home some yellow squash, (I love sauteing yellow squash with zucchini for something quick). But to my surprise he came home with butternut squash. Having never cooked butternut squash, I had it sitting in a fridge for a few days, not knowing what to do with it. But then I realized I could  try and make soup out of it. I used this recipe because i already had most of the ingredients in my kitchen and added some parsley and rosemary, but one of these days I might try this one if I have some apples on hand. It actually turned out to be super easy and a perfect comfort food for a rainy day!

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