OVERTIME IN SIMI VALLEY// Random snapshots from our day

Set your alarm to 5:45 am
We left the house at 6:30 to head out to Simi Valley. When Taylor has to work overtime on Saturdays, I like to tag along and go to a near by cafe to get some studying in. Thanks to daylight saving, it was pitch dark when we left, but it was actually really pretty seeing the color of the sky change as the sun began to rise. I feel like the rain always brings out the most insane colors.
overtime in simi portrait
overtime in smi 8
overtime in simi 9
overtime in simi 17
overtime in simi 16

Off to a Cafe
After I dropped Taylor off,  I camped out at a cafe, and got some studying done and also did a devotional from I John.   It's been far longer than I care to admit that I've done either of those things, so the 5:45 wake up time was totally worth it.
overtime in simi 3
overtime in simi 2
overtime in simi 4
overtime in simi 11

Back Home
When we got back home, we drank our bougie Whole Foods beer (and by bougie what I really mean is just that we didn't get blue moons this time) and played some monopoly deal. Then we made a breakfast inspired concoction with eggs over Taylor's Aunt Tina's delicious brisket and grilled potatoes.  I'm trying to cut back on my red meat.  I've grown up a total red meat eater, but am starting to realize that I can't just stuff that all in my mouth without thinking anymore.  However, in moderation- I can't think of anything else that hits the spot than sunny side up eggs over really good meat over really good potatoes, all on one plate. yum!
overtime in simi 20
overtime in simi 18
overtime in simi 19
overtime in simi 15

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