laying low 2
laying low

I finally did it! I bit the bullet and scheduled my exam (June 5!)!  At 7 more exams to go and $210 a pop, these tests sure are going to cost me an arm and a leg.   Not that I don't already practically live the life of a modern day hermit, but I for some reason still feel the need to say that I plan on laying low for the next few weeks to make sure I  can hit the ground running and focus on studying, and want to apologize if I am hard to reach and really slow at responding to things. Other than some alone time, I am painfully aware that my need to focus will also require me to nip my Breaking Bad addiction in the bud.  (My brother Josh suggested watching Breaking Bad after I finished Parks and Recreation because I was depressed that I had nothing to watch having already tried and failed to get into Friday Night Lights despite its glowing reviews)  But let's just cut to the chase,  if I don't get my act together,  and avoid these like the plague, I'll be studying til the butt crack of dawn every night!  I can't let this opportunity to get my license slip through my fingers!

Anyway, I am super nervous about my exam, being that it is my first one! That is why I plan on going the whole nine yards, and reviewing every part of the material.  Rest assured- I will leave no stone unturned!  In the "getting ready for the exam" chapter, Kaplan assures the candidates that anxiety over test taking is usually due to a fear of failure, and that if we come prepared we need not worry.  Who knew that such zen-like and calming advice could be found in a Kaplan study guide?  This of course, falls on deaf ears because I am Asian, and the fear of failure has already been pre-historically hard wired into my dna.  Since my children will only be 50% Asian, I can only hope that they will not be like me in this regard.  But you what they say- the apple never falls far from the tree.  So unfortunately, their advice went in one ear and out the other, but it's the thought that counts!

**This post reminds me of a woman Tiff told me about who only speaks in verbal cliches. I definitely have to admit that I use my fair share when writing and speaking. But you know, why do we always get caught up in what is and isn't cliche?  At the end of the day,  it's all just water under the bridge right?

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I hope everything went well! I WISH I could take photos like you, my dear! Your blog is absolutely beautiful. I love the striking simplicity. Thank you so much for your kind comments today!

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