QUICK AND EASY// Our go-to meals

Three things we always have in our kitchen are avocado, tomatoes, lemons, and basil (or at least until my basil plant gives out on me. This is the first time I've managed to keep a basil plant alive for more than two weeks!!) I feel like I always end up using 2 of those 4 ingredients in everything I cook when I'm in a hurry. Here are some things we've been eating:

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I never knew how easy it was to make lemonade at home, until I tried this recipe.  We don't have one of those refrigerators that make ice, so Taylor bought me some ice trays from target which gave me the idea to put some lemons and basil leaves before freezing.  They are so fun to put in our drinks, I love it!

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Taylor loves avocado, so we eat a lot of guacamole with pita bread.  I used to add garlic with onion and sometimes olive oil, but  since Taylor doesn't like onions, and I can get really lazy about peeling and crushing garlic, I've been finding that it's still pretty good with just avocado, tomato,salt, pepper and lemon.  I think if I were making this for people coming over, I'd put the other stuff, but for the everyday, I quite like it. Toasted/pan fried pita is also really really good!

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I can't remember how I made this one because I think I do it differently everytime.  Whenever we have more tomatoes than I know what to do with, I usually make pasta sauce and adjust with salt and pepper, balsamic vinegar and sugar and of course garlic and olive oil, maybe oregano and basil or whatever I have at the time too.  The shrimp is definitely what makes the meal though! I love shrimp!  It's one of those foods that I like cooked really simply with really little on it.  My mom always taught me that the secret is to never overcook it, and it always tastes moist and delicious!

Anyway, speaking of moms and cooking, I'm heading over to my parents house to celebrate my brother's birthday today.  Rumor has it, we're getting two lobster tails per person amongst many other delicious things! Can't wait! Hope you are enjoying your memorial day weekend!

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