june in photographs
record player
june in photographs 3
north hollywood metro station 2
north hollywood metro station
june in photographs 2
june in photographs 10
june in photographs 6
june in photographs 5

I might be jumping the gun on this since June isn't technically over yet! But I've been accumulating a collection of random photos from the month that didn't necessarily warrant an entire post about them, but still capture some of the everyday moments in life.

From top to bottom, left to right:
1 and 2: my dad's record player.
3: Roof detail at Simi Valley library.
4 &5: At the NoHo metro station on our way to Dwell on Design Conference. I'm trying to learn to like the metro.  I got really winded walking about those stairs, how.... sad.
6,7,8: some pictures from the neighborhood while walking around after dinner.
9: On our way to get ice cream at Rite Aid (even though I thought we should get gelato from the place across the street from our apartment... but anyway, we've put that behind us now...)
10: plants in the office parking lot. 

I spent most of June in constant obsession over the weather and how it's just the perfect amount of warmness. The blooming flowers, the breezy sunlit evenings.  I LOVE the evenings!  I love the bright peaches, blues, yellows and earthy colors of summer, just makes you want to smile and relax the day away!

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