FOAM FEST // From a really long time ago

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Taylor ran the foam fest in May, so I'm a little late in posting these!  I think I was procrastinating a bit because I took so many pictures and kept putting off sifting through all of them.  But this morning, I saw Andrew's post about his SF triathlon this morning (seriously amazing!) and it totally put me in the- get off your lazy butt and edit Taylor's running photos mood! 

I didn't participate, but luckily Ben was there to keep me company!  A bit of a swaperoo of sorts since I usually talk to Ruby, and Taylor talks to Ben.  But it was really fun, and I even got to see some totally impressive behind the scenes cakies photography at work!  ;)  It was also really fun to hang out with Jun and meet some of the people on Taylor's team.  There are so many talented and creative people out there, it's always so inspiring!  

Anyway Taylor is so cute when he runs.  It was  more of a "fun" race where you dressed up in crazy outfits and brought your kids, so people would stop in the middle, take pictures etc... but Taylor was all business, no stopping, come on, let's go people! the whole way through.  He's so funny!  Anyway, super proud of him, and looking forward to any future runs!

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This looks AMAZING! Wish we had something like it near us... hmmm maybe I should organise something.

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