MAUI Part 1 // The Fish in the Sea

Under the Sea_Maui_Melody Mak
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Melody Mak Maui  Snorkeling-1020324

The most relaxing thing about Maui was spending every day in the water - the shore at the beach, the pools at the hotels, the freshwater pools on the Road to Hana, or the deep ocean to go snorkeling and find fish.

I've never thought of myself as a beach bum, but this trip totally opened my eyes to that amazingness of what it would be like to be one. Every morning, we'd eat a delicious breakfast and start exploring. Whenever I got cranky from the heat, we'd jump in the water til we got tired,  treat ourselves to delicious shave ice at Ululani's and then jump back in the water and do it all over again - happy to spend the rest of the day in swim suits and flip flops.

Most of these photos were taken during a snorkeling trip we took to Molokini Crater where hundreds of fish were just going about their day amongst the Pacific Ocean's coral reef.   It was a pretty awesome feeling, discovering so much beauty that I did not know existed before.

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