TIFFANY'S BACHLORETTE // Adventures in San Diego

We did actually manage to fit in a comedy club, snorkeling, bar hopping in downtown San Diego, eating mexican, ethiopian and bougie breakfast foods, but somehow the simple bike riding on the same path of the beach over and over again was my favorite part of the trip.

Tiff is also just so daing adorable on a bike. I think that has a lot to do with it too, haha...

tiff bike-1
tiff bike-2
tiff bachlorette-4
tiff bachlorette-3
tiff bachlorette-8

Group picture! I had such a blast getting to know Sarah and Christine that weekend!

oh... and P.S.
I didn't really get too many pictures of the rest of the trip (I always feel self- conscious lugging my camera around), but if you are curious to see what we did at night, here's a little peak at what we made Tiff walk around in while bar hopping in downtown SD on Saturday night!
tiff bachlorette 10
tiff bachlorette 11

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