MY DAD // He's the happy kind


Had a lovely father's day visiting family last night.  Taylor and I are still recovering from all the surprise announcements that were made! First the night started out with the announcement of the engagement of my cousin Patrick and his girlfriend Meagan!  Granted, this wasn't a total surprise because my grandma called an hour before they got there to tell us the news (word travels fast in our family... sometimes i feel like I find out news about myself that I wasn't even aware of until hearing it through the family grapevine!)  The ring is super gorgeous, and the story is the cutest!  But if that wasn't enough right as Taylor and I are getting ready to leave, my other cousins Terrance and Regina (who is Patrick's sister) announce that they are pregnant with their third child!  This coming year is going to be an eventful one! 

For Father's day, I thought I'd share a drawing I made several years ago of my dad. I am not an expert artist by any regards, so I just want to put the disclaimer out there that despite what it looks like in my drawing, my dad actually has really smooth skin and is pretty wrinkle free, I just didn't know how to draw it like that!  He's always smiling, always slow to anger, always kind, and in such a genuine way- I never questioned it or felt like there was a limit to it. Throughout my childhood, through my teen years and college til now, he's never greeted me with anything but a smile. I have this one memory of him waiting for me at the airport- I spotted him through the crowd before he saw me, and he was just standing there with hands neatly folded in front of him patiently waiting with a smile on his face. Just in his own little world, looking happy as a clam. Sometimes we like to say that he's obliviously happy, because sometimes you want to say- ummmm, normal people would be really grumpy or tired or annoyed right now, what on earth are you smiling at?   There's so much more to my dad than his joyful character- he pretty much gave me the foundation for everything I know about chemistry, physics, music, drawing, biblical theology, design and and my weird love for renaissance movies no matter how bad they are.  He is even the one who taught me how to braid my hair!

In short, words and memories could never sum up what a blessing my dad is, but I am undoubtedly thankful for him every day!


Hanna Lo said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

your dad is so cute!!

lynnette said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

SNIFF. ;') That is too sweet. It's a REALLY good illustration!! I think it's pretty darn great and I like how you drew a 'reflected' part as well. I really want to learn how to illustrate one day/maybe even learn how to use watercolors... ;p My drawings are pretty cartoony still.

Congrats on all the great news! :D So exciting when there are big family events coming up.

joyce voice said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

aww melody, love this.

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