the possibilities

The weekend is officially full of possibilities that do not involve studying!!!   I'm not home free just yet since I still have more exams to take, but at the very least, this weekend will not be spent in front of any books!  I have mixed feelings about how the test went, but I'm too lazy to care/speculate right now haha, just glad it's over.  Thanks so much to dear friends and family for being so encouraging :)

Any fun plans for the weekend? I plan on catching up on the rest of my life I've been neglecting:
  • Cleaning .........maybe? .... aaaah,we'll see, I  really really really don't want to.... but i really really really really should! our apartment is an absolute wreck!  there's a guitar on the floor in the middle of the dining room, papers everywhere, books everywhere piles of clothes everywhere. piles of dishes in the sink, half filled cups of tea everywhere.....aaaaaaaaah!
  • Planning a date night.  I've been neglecting the poor husband  lately with all this studying, so I think I'm going to plan something.  I'm thinking either a night in, with a fancy home cooked meal, or a simple meal somewhere fun/outdoors since the evenings are so beautiful this time of year.
  • Might finally trim my hair this weekend
  • Listening to this interview with Bryan Cranston from Breaking Bad talk about sustainable design for his house in Ventura ASAP.  Omygosh,  Bryan Cranston/Breaking Bad, Dwell Magazine, architecture in Los Angeles, all melding together into one thing..... I.... can't.... breathe!!!
  • Watching a documentary perhaps? Been dying to watch Urbanized , part of the "design trilogy" by Gary Hustwit..  I watched Helvetica and Objectified on Netflix, and they were soooooooooo good! I never got around to watching Urbanized though because it seems like you have to watch it on the computer, but maybe i'll just give in and shell out the $3.99 to see it, haha.
  • Hanging out with friends and family and other real life human beings again! 


    Hanna Lo said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

    would you be surprised if i told you that i've also seen helvetica and objectified? lolxx...i liked them too! =) our designer friend recommended them to us ;) i probably won't have known them on my own.

    lynnette said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

    Ohh those films sound fantastic! :D I have Helvetica in my closet but haven't come around to watching it. Objectified and Urbanized sound pretty awesome too! Nothing like spending a quiet evening in watching a great film. <3

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