I haven't eaten Lucky Charms since I was a kid, but even now, I don't think I've managed to "be an adult" about eating it!  Taylor and I are always accusing each other of picking out the marshmallows and leaving the other person with the cereal and can get pretty territorial over our food.  Did you ever do that growing up? It's so funny because I don't even think I actually like the marshmallows, its just the act of fishing for it, and feeling like I got something special because there is a limited supply...

Some random things I've been thinking about:
  • Our friend JT was in town on Sunday and we took him and his friend Guy to a Pupusa place in LA that Ryan suggested.   I didn't even know what pupusas were before then, but I've been calling Taylor pupusa ever since because I like the way it sounds.
  • An oldie but goodie. This TED talk came up in conversation and I decided to listen to it again and am glad I did.  
  • Our friend Andy challenged us to wake up in the mornings to spend time with God first thing before doing anything else.  It's been a struggle because Taylor already wakes up at 4:30 in the morning so we're looking at 3:30 or 4:00am alarm times. It's been tough and well, quite frankly, not that successful so far, but worthy of every effort in trying.
  • My brother Josh is moving back to New York this Saturday.  Sad that he's leaving :(.... but also excited for him and  happy that I can now show up unannounced in NYC knowing that I will have free room and board!  (yess!!!!!!) Hoping I can visit him and Geoff soon! They got a really sweet deal on a beautiful apartment in Brooklyn and are going to be roomies.  Isn't that just so cute?  Total BFFsies!
  • I'm somehow becoming a bandwagon King's "keep informed-ist".  As in not a bandwagon fan, but someone who keeps informed- someone who is updated on scores while doing other things, looks at changing jersey prices, debates with oneself on whether or not it's worth the knee damage to be a goalie, knows when they will be playing, and that the Devils are a hockey team in Jersey.  I know right?... this is starting to get extreme...
  • I haven't been cooking much lately because I've been camping out at the library or a cafe to study instead of coming straight home after work.   I've been feeling really bad seeing Taylor get Subway for dinner these past several days, but last night I came home to him chopping a ceasar salad with avocado and freshly grated cheese while he had two pork chops baking in the oven. hahaha...... my eyeballs nearly fell out of their sockets... when we first got married, this man didn't even know how to boil water...


Charlotte said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Lucky Charms! I haven't eaten LC in years, but it was my favorite as a kid. I recently started eating cereal again when I got pregnant after a decade of skipping breakfast altogether, But I 'm sticking to cheerios mostly. (My husband frequently requests Crunch Berries or Golden Grahams so occasionally I get a bowl of that... may have to get him a box of Charms!)

I try to get up an hour early too to walk our doggie, at 5:30, but it never happens. 6:30 it is (which is hard enough most days)! At least I share my cheerios with my dog every morning!

Happy Friday to you & your Taylor! Yay!

Laura said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

the devils play down the street from me!! Newark, NJ

Hi Melody! I really like your blog. :)


Sha said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Lol that lucky charm gif you made is the cutest. I always pick out the marshmallow bits too but they don't even taste that amazing hahaha!

You should really take a trip to Hong Kong if you get a chance! I promise it won't disappoint!

Melissa Venom said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I still only like the marshmallows! LOL. Kind of wish they'd do without the cereal altogether. :P

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