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Are you addicted to npr? I seriously can't get enough of it!

This year I got the sweetest and most thoughtful gifts and cards from people for my birthday. One of them was a a book called "This is NPR" from my brother in law, Ryan.

With all the ways that media technology has revamped the way we live, I still love radio! Granted, I'm a lot more old fashioned than people my age: no smart phone, no facebook, no twitter, no pintrest, and I was forced into google + but can someone tell me what that actually is?  I think radio is like reading a book vs. watching the movie about the book.  When you listen to a gifted storyteller describe a situation, you create images and connections with your own imagination.  And as powerful and necessary as video footage is- there is still something about the subconscious process of making what you hear and read your own, that makes these stories have such a lasting impact on you.  Don't get me wrong- I'm definitely not saying that I hate film or TV (quite the opposite)... I'm just saying that I don't think it replaces radio if that makes any sense.  

Anyway all this rambling really is just to say: Terry Gross, Ira Glass, Madeleine Brand, Jason Bently, Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, Patt Morrison, , Robert SiegelSteve Inskeep, Larry Mantle I love you people!  You make my day just that much more enjoyable.  Please never retire while I am still alive. I really appreciate it, thanks.:)


Charlotte said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I love NPR! In the car when I am driving I only listen to NPR. Problem is, I carpool with my husband most days to work and he insists on sports radio (specifically "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd." Meh.

Don't succumb to Facebook! I recently gave in to it in March and now I regret it.

Translated: UnderTheSun said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I like listening to NPR! I sometimes put it on while the kids nap as their white noise. I don't listen as much as I'd like, but I definitely like tuning in, when I remember and when the kids don't give me lip about it :) Do you ever watch Frontline?

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