ANNIVERSARY TRIP PART 5 // A few other things we did

purple mountains

downtown palm springs 1

My SD card broke during our trip (I think it was too hot!), so I lost a lot of the pictures from the first half of our trip. But even though I don't have pictures, here are some other things we did that I think are worth mentioning:

1. Estate sale shopping!
I'm still getting the hang of estate sales, but in hopes of scoring some affordable mid century modern furniture, we decided to give it a try. I found a pair of chairs, that were more vintage than modern, but I think they're unique, and they have a little padding on the seat, which my bony butt has quite enjoyed sitting on! We had them in the back of our car, and taylor came up with the idea of taking a picture with them in the middle of the mountains (picture above).

2. Noah Purifoy Foundation:
If you like outdoor art, this place is a MUST SEE! Taylor got some really cool pictures of this place, so  those were the pictures I was the most disappointed to lose. But in any case, don't take my word for it, check out the website to see how cool it is! Be sure to call or email them a few days before to get the address (it's not published online to avoid vandalism).

3. Palm Springs Aerial Tram:
I think it's the highest rotating tram in the world or something like that. The views are pretty amazing, and it's like a whole different world when you get to the top (not to mention 30 degrees cooler!).    My coworker told me he proposed to his now wife at the top, wow... that's a hard one to outdo!  It requires a bit of walking to get to some of the views though, I think Taylor was pretty shocked at what a lazy hiker I am.

4. Food: 
Our favorites were Las Casuelas and Johnny Costas.  Las Casuelas was super relaxing and the food was great.  Mr Costas used to be Frank Sinatra's personal chef, and it was cool to try Sinatra's favorite dish- linguini with clams


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I love that you are sitting on chairs in what looks like the middle of nowhere. It makes for an interesting photo.

Beatriz Ramirez-Belt said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

really enjoyed these posts the photos are perfect, what a wonderful trip. Happy Anniversary:)

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