CALIFORNIA COAST // Part 1 : Beautiful Big Sur

beautiful beautiful big sur
california coast1
big sur plants 2
big sur plants
big sur 3
Beautiful Big Sur 5
Beautiful Big Sur
Beautiful Big Sur 3

Thought I'd post some pictures we took during a trip to the Monterrey Bay/ Big Sur area over Thanksgiving weekend (Pictures from Monterey and Point Lobos to come later). One of the highlights was hiking with our friends Chris and Julie in Big Sur. What unbelievable beauty! They took us on the Ewoldsen Trail and I kept saying that I felt like I was in some sort of surreal scene on Lord of the Rings, hiking through the cool crisp mountain air, listening to the beautiful sound of water flowing downstream, and watching the way the sun was pouring out through the giant redwoods. It's so crazy how these gigantic trees and rocky mountains all coexist within a few steps of the ocean and her crashing waves. I definitely hope to return again- maybe on a camping in the summer time!

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