Month 2

Noah -
Noah Autumn-3815
Columbia River Gorge- Melody Mak-
Columbia River Gorge- Melody Mak--2

We are a little more than half way through month two and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel as we inch our way out of the fourth trimester!

Our little Noah is growing up, discovering the world,  and getting cuter and cuter by the day - we couldn't be more proud.   I can see a happy baby emerging and I think it totally has to do with the overflowing amount of love our friends and family have poured on to this little guy.

The past several weeks have been really  hard at times but it's definitely a growing and maturing journey.  My brain feels too mushy at the moment from the land of never ending feeding, diapering, pumping, washing, soothing, rocking, swaddling and burping for me to process it right now; but  even though I can't quite put it in words yet, I know I've changed in meaningful and permanent ways.

Anyway, some things I hope to remember from these photos are : singing and dancing to Beatles Karoke , getting in some good snuggling time during these cool autumn days, and watching Noah play with his dad.

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