kale salad 10

The final we thing we did on our trip up north was making a trip to Berkeley Bowl with Tiff.  I felt like a kid in a candy store (a super healthy, organic, flavorful, high quality but low priced candy store that is!). I totally forgot how good the produce is from here! If you've never shopped here, I know you're probably thinking I'm exaggerating because I used to think that too when other people would talk so obsessively about this place; but trust me, it really is that good! I'll admit that you'd probably be able to find other produce that tastes just as good, but probably at twice the price!

While we were shopping I saw Tiff put these beautiful leafy bunches that looked like luscious green flowers in her cart.  Since I totally shop with my eyes, and will buy something for sole reason that it is pretty, I was like, "I don't even know what these taste like, but I'm getting them too!" Taylor has more of  a, shall we say, a more restricted palette than most, so he gave me a sour face when he saw me put the kale in our cart.  But having heard all the health benefit claims about kale floating around everywhere, I was able to convince him to try it on that front.

Here are some ingredients:
kale salad 1
sale salad 2
kale salad 5
kale salad 7
kale 8
The Recipe:
I used this recipe and tweaked it a little by adding grapefruits and almonds. There were tons of recipes for kale chips, and roasted kale, and sauteed kale, that I was considering, but since we did go through the trouble of carrying these all the way down the 5.5 hour drive from Berkeley to LA, I decided to eat these raw so that every single drop of flavor could be enjoyed.

kale salad 11
kale salad 14
kale salad 15

Super simple and quick, and miraculously, Taylor really liked it! I was worried that the kale was a little too tough/bitter (I think I should have massaged it for longer) but i thought the honey and lemon dressing went perfectly with the fruit and kale. Definitely hope to make this again!


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hi mody, you are so lovely! i love you & misssss you

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melody and kale! two of my fav things. :) i'm so honored to be a tag!! :)

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